Love After the First Date


This love story is absolutely beautiful… And just as you imagined the day you’d attract your soulmate with a declaration of love, I’d like to encourage you to watch this video and imagine the day you will meet the person you spend decades with… During the first 20 seconds you’ll wonder if you’re watching the…

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A True Love Story Without Arms or Legs


“Will I Ever Find Someone to Love Me?” I’m pretty sure most anyone who’s ever found their soulmate has wondered this at least once… You might have wondered it yourself because of the way you look, the way you are or perhaps how you live life. But if it’s ever had to do with you…

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A Declaration of Love


(You guys are going to love this video!) Call me a sap, but I love “love stories”. You’d think the love for them might cease to exist considering I’ve found my own true love (Sarah Prout)… But they haven’t. And I doubt you’ll ‘get over them’ when you find your own soulmate. Why? Because stories…

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Best Soulmate Music Video ever?


I’ll be honest – when I first watched this video I was in tears… It was only a couple months after I proposed to the love of my life, Sarah Prout, and less than 7 until the wedding of our dreams… While watching, all I could see was us. The 8-minute video is a beautiful…

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The Official SoulMate Blog Is Coming Soon

This is just a little heads up that the official 21 Days To Attract Your Soulmate BLOG will be launching soon. If you have any ideas for posts, topics or themes you would like us to cover please comment below. Love and Gratitude, The SoulMate Team

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