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Transform into a highly-inspired, action-oriented and emotionally empowered Abundance Creator in just six weeks… or less.

With Sarah Prout, co-founder of The Manifesting Academy and best-selling author of Dear Universe

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    You Can’t Manifest Abundance at Random
    — You Can Only Do It by Design.

    In this immersive, invite-only online coaching and mentoring experience, you’ll be guided by world leading manifesting expert, Sarah Prout, as she reveals the secret steps to unlock limitless prosperity and abundance into your life.

    Whether you’re an aspiring manifestor looking for the right place to start your journey, or a well-versed Law of Attraction enthusiast seeking to create more abundance in different areas of your life — Abundance By Design is your ultimate portal to prosperity.

    This 6-week program is filled with LIVE coaching and mentoring sessions with Sarah, manifesting rituals, meditations, worksheets, and an exclusive VIP community. You’ll get access to all of the best-kept manifesting secrets to call in your abundant higher self.

    This Is Your Time to Break the Cycle of Scarcity and Create Lasting Prosperity

    Do you ever feel like you're trapped in a cycle of never-ending scarcity? It can seem like nothing will ever change. 

    You live the same uninspiring lifestyle year after year… 

    You struggle to make more money or meet the target amount you need to buy that dream property…

    You’ve had countless arguments or conflicts around money in your relationships…

    You scramble for sale items, discounts and payment plan options to make ends meet…

    You feel demotivated and creatively blocked because you spend too much time stressing out about not having enough….

    Or you have limiting beliefs that you aren’t even aware of that make you stay stuck… and leave you feeling stuck

    These are beliefs that are seeded into your psyche from childhood, that define who you are today.

    As a result, you enter adulthood with a scarcity mindset. You might feel triggered by a bill in the mail. You get buyer's remorse every time you invest in anything of quality. Money and lack of opportunity become a source of resentment in your relationships.

    Left unchecked, a scarcity mindset will often snowball and leave you overwhelmed with the feeling of never having enough. It sabotages your wealth journey and prevents you from experiencing the abundant nature of living a life of creative freedom and prosperity.

    And you unknowingly send The Universe a very clear signal — you are not in the flow of abundance

    The goal is to rise to an Abundance Mindset and embrace a more empowered path.

    Manifesting abundance is not something you do at random — it’s by design. And you have to work at it by facing your prosperity demons with emotional courage, to cast them out once and for all.

    To create lasting prosperity, the most empowering question you need to ask yourself is this:

    “Am I truly willing to transform my life?”

    If you answered “YES” (and felt that knowing tug in your heart), then here are your next steps:

    • Get clear on HOW you define abundance, so you have clarity on HOW you want to be fulfilled.
    • Identify WHO will support you, so you know WHO will inspire you and hold you accountable throughout your journey.

    To many, abundance is purely about money and wealth. To others, it represents freedom, creativity, independence, or feeling joyful and fulfilled on a daily basis.

    You need a mentor. You need a framework. And you must have the accountability to succeed.

    In this program, Sarah Prout will help you define abundance on your own terms, and give you the tools and resources you can use to finally transform your dreams into reality.

    So How Will Abundance by Design Work for You?

    Live seminars and 1:1 coaching can be costly… sometimes running into the thousands of dollars. Only to leave you feeling confused, disconnected and not supported in the way that you need!

    When you're on a journey to manifesting, you need nurturing, ongoing support from a like-minded community, and a mentor you can trust.

    In the past 10 years, Sarah Prout has guided thousands of people through the mindset and paradigm shifts needed to manifest abundance. The very same techniques she personally used to create a thriving 7-figure business reaching tens of millions of people.

    In Abundance By Design, Sarah will apply her unique approach to the law of attraction, which focuses on emotional empowerment.

    You'll learn how to be conscious of your feelings and energy… so you can transmute what’s in your heart and your mind to your physical world.

    Sarah defines abundance as creative freedom, positive impact, and limitless joy. She believes that anyone is capable of attracting and sustaining abundance… if they are willing to do the inner game work.

    So if abundance is an inner game — Are you playing by the rules or are you cheating yourself?

    Authenticity isn't only required in your relationship with people. You also need to get emotionally raw and brave with your relationship with money, wealth, and abundance. Yup!

    So if you're ready to change, but you're not willing to dive in and do the inner work, you won't be able to radically transform your situation.

    Most people choose to stay stuck, whether they're conscious of the decision or not. And what’s worse is that many don’t even realize that they have a choice in the first place!

    This is because most of us were raised and forged by a scarcity mindset.

    Abundance by Design Is Built on Three Components:



    You need to get crystal clear about the level of abundance you are manifesting into your life. What are you dreams? What do you want? Why do you want it? When do you want it by? How do you want to feel in the end?



    You need the support of like-minded kindred spirits that can help to cheer you along on your journey. This also includes your connection to The Universe and facilitating your untapped superpowers. We all have them.



    You need guidance from a mentor and a powerful sequence of steps to ensure your success so that you don't self-sabotage and derail your efforts with old, disempowering energetic patterns.

    How Your Life Can Transform When You Consciously and Actively Manifest Abundance by Design

    Amplified manifestation…
    as you experience miracles, bursts of creativity, and opportunities appearing out of nowhere — in every area of your life.

    Accelerated financial freedom…
    as you begin to call in more prosperity and income at the highest level, to live in abundance and more importantly — debt free.

    Emotional liberation and empowerment…
    as you reach newfound levels of self belief. You are worthy of that investment, that promotion, and that relationship!

    Zero guilt and shame around money and luxury…
    no matter what your parents, your family, your friends might have told you.

    Breaking free from the wheel of scarcity…
    by having an abundance mindset. See opportunity and growth, NOT competition, when it comes to money. Because there is enough money for everyone!

    A lifestyle that you want and absolutely deserve!
    Walk into that store without shame. Splurge without guilt. Buy things at their regular price. Way more “Treat Yourself” days!

    Fewer arguments and tension around money.
    Feel more at ease when discussing finances and goals with your loved ones. Open bills and statements without that tight feeling in your chest or the urge to run away.

    Truly feel and believe that you have enough…
    so you can stop manifesting from a place of lack. Send the Universe a very clear signal that you absolutely have room for more and more!

    Meet Your Mentor,
    Sarah Prout

    Sarah Prout is a mother of four, best-selling author of Dear Universe, inspirational speaker, podcast host and creative director of Soul Space Media. Sarah was named a “Manifestation Guru” by Cosmopolitan magazine. Her unique, authentic and down-to-earth approach to life and business has been the foundation for her success.

    Sarah went from living below the poverty line as a single mother on welfare, to co-founding a successful 7-figure company (Soul Space Media) with her beloved husband and business partner, Sean Patrick Simpson. Together, they impact millions of people around the world to share the message of conscious manifestation and emotional empowerment.

    A Letter From Sarah

    Here's the truth as I see it: abundance isn’t about the expensive cars, dream homes, or iconic designer handbags — it's really a feeling.

    And that feeling is a choice in every moment. You just need the right guidance and support to empower your mindset for sustainable abundance.

    I remember those feelings of powerlessness and overwhelm from lack of money all too well. The call to abundance is a sacred pilgrimage from the mind to the heart. It's truly only for those who are ready to create lasting change. By the time I was ready, the emotional pain was so bad, that I was forced to change.

    10 years ago, I was a single mother living on welfare. I had over $30,000 worth of debt and there were some days I didn’t know how I would feed my children.

    My rock bottom was only having a couple of coins to feed myself and my children for a couple of days.

    I was broke. I felt broken. Yet I still held the belief that the only person that could get me out of my “rock bottom” situation was me. So I began to study the Law of Attraction, and educate myself how I could train my mindset for abundance.

    Along my journey, I discovered that the teaching models by most Law of Attraction teachers didn’t seem to feel right for me.

    Here’s what I believe: it’s not our thoughts that become things. It’s our emotions that create our reality.

    I decided that if I could navigate my emotions from a space of empowerment, and see them as The Universe working through me (no matter what was showing up)… then I could change my life for the better.

    Fast forward 10 years into this journey and my life represents all of the principles I teach in Abundance By Design. There is nothing that I teach that I haven’t experienced myself firsthand. From manifesting millions of dollars, to living each and every day with a delicious sense of curiosity and presence.

    My intention and desire is that you join me on this wild ride to abundance!

    Here’s What Students Have Said about Sarah:

    “I finally feel as if I’m pointed in the right direction.”

    I have been searching my whole life for something that I couldn’t explain. And here it is. I have been going through everything at a comfortable pace and have so much support when I need it. I finally feel as if I’m pointed in the right direction. I have so much more purpose in my life and don’t feel weighed down by as much drama and toxicity.
    — Noel

    “… We just got $150 put in the bank and my husband just got a $8000 pay raise!”

    “Okay so out of the blue we just got $150 put in the bank and my husband just got a $8000 pay raise! Thank you beautiful universal energy and Sean and Sarah for the great post. I am grateful!”
    — Tammy

    “I am learning to trust and respect my intuition so deeply.”

    “I love the new community and the connection with Sarah and Sean. The lovely flow of reminders to say new things, tips on how to work on our manifesting skills, and the humor of how the journey is in learning to master manifesting skills — is all so supportive and helping me learn faster. The resources and videos (in the Manifesting Academy) are so rich, easy to use and helps me absorb so much quickly and on my own time. I am learning to trust and respect my intuition so deeply.”
    — Kate

    “It’s rare when creators of these types of groups are so accessible and real.”

    “Since joining, I can definitely feel the love and supportive atmosphere you two have created to help with our journey. It’s rare when creators of these types of groups are so accessible and real. It makes me realize that I’m not alone. It’s a safe place to go and learn and fall down and get back up. I truly appreciate the small community feel.”
    — Kristie

    “I have manifested my dream car, which I thought I couldn’t afford.”

    “…I am shocked at what you can attract by just listening to Sarah and Sean’s videos, affirmations, staying present, and being your true self, which raises your vibrations! This is the best gift that you can give yourself! To name a few, I have manifested my dream car (which I thought I couldn’t afford), money, and signs from above that are so amazing. I asked to repair my credit score and I can’t believe my score when my credit was ran! This is just a little over two months.”
    — Jacqueline

    “I not only found a job after redundancy but I’m loving it and feeling valued in my new role.”

    “In the last 12 months my guy committed to our relationship, has built a relationship with my children, we are moving together, and he recently proposed! All that, and I not only found a job after redundancy but I’m loving it and feeling valued in my new role. After a number of tough years, focusing on what I wanted has changed my life.”
    — Sandy

    You Are Only 6 Weeks Away from the Best Version of Yourself

    In only 6 weeks, Abundance By Design will help you to reshape the trajectory of your future.

    As you move through this intensive online experience, you’ll notice so many priceless transformational shifts — in your thoughts, your beliefs, your feelings, and ultimately… what appears in your reality.

    6 Modules Delivered Over 6 Weeks

    WEEK 1

    Create Your Wildest Intentions to Call In Your Abundant, Higher Self

    We’ll dive right into the powerful questions that will give you crystal clarity to plan a grand vision for your life. No more waiting for life to come to you. It’s time to create a plan of action and make it happen. It’s time to work on the energy behind expanding your capacity to receive more abundance and prosperity into your life.

    WEEK 2

    Empowering Emotions and Beliefs For Abundance

    Discover how your emotions and your energy are creating your vibration and shaping your reality. Learn how to use your innate superpowers of discernment to understand how to instantly shift your current reality… to a space of abundance-manifesting emotional empowerment.

    WEEK 3

    The Secret To Future-Pacing Your Success With Emotional Visualization

    Use the power of emotional visualization to imprint your subconscious mind for abundance. Here we will anchor in the emotional space of what your future looks and feels like.

    WEEK 4

    The Mindset For Prosperity and The Foundation For Conscious Emotional Growth

    Work with your new vision and millionaire mindset to navigate and troubleshoot emotional hurdles that will sneak up on your transformational new path. Without this clarity, your path to prosperity will be riddled with sabotaging challenges and hurdles.

    WEEK 5

    Self Worth, Self Compassion, And Self Forgiveness For Abundance

    The number 1 issue that most people struggle with is worthiness. In this module, we dive into the powerful reminders to make sure you stay on track and don’t get in your own way. You are worthy, you are enough and this session helps you to stay committed to your vision for abundance.

    WEEK 6

    How To Take Inspired Action and Build Sustainable, Energetic Momentum

    The Universe is sprinkling seeds of abundance everywhere in your reality. How do you get in alignment with abundance by taking inspired action? This module invites you to trust that everything unfolds in perfect divine timing… but you MUST keep the energy of momentum rolling.

    From here on out, you’ll have a clear path to manifesting abundance and prosperity — with the support, guidance and community you need to keep it going.

    Amplify Your Abundance with the Mentorship, Guidance and Community You Need

    Experience the power of community, retainable micro-learning, and transformational mentorship for an immersive and life-changing experience.

    Direct Connection With Manifesting Expert Sarah Prout

    With over 50 Million video views and counting, people are flocking to work closely with Sarah. Well, this is your chance! While she can’t offer personal coaching to everyone, she can show up daily during this exclusive 6-week manifesting intensive. And that’s exactly what she’ll be doing in the Abundance by Design community!

    Transformational Guidance and Weekly Mentoring

    Love the weekly trainings? You’ll also get to connect with Sarah LIVE each week to ask your biggest, most burning questions for attracting abundance. While most teachers just scratch the surface, Sarah will dive deep to uncover exactly what you need to “design” your own abundance.

    We’re All Connected. And We’re In This Together.

    The late motivational speaker Zig Ziglar often said, “You can get everything in life you want, if you will just help enough other people get what they want.”

    That's the core essence of Abundance by Design. Helping one another isn’t rocket science. Sometimes it’s a friendly hello. Other times it’s a listening ear or a random act of kindness. In the Abundance by Design community, you get all that… along with the daily support, mentoring and guidance you need to create the prosperity that you desire.

    How Abundance by Design Works


    1. You’ll start your journey at the same time as everyone

    You'll start together with the community on the same date, and end on the same date. Throughout your journey, we'll be supporting and uplifting each other on our path to abundance together.


    2. You'll receive weekly guidance for 6 weeks

    You will never be alone on this journey. From Sarah’s weekly guidance and daily check-ins to surprise drop-ins from the Soul Space Media team… you’ll be getting some love and nurturing from start to finish.


    3. You’ll dramatically unfold and transform

    Your transformation doesn’t involve a master’s degree in manifesting! All you need is the willingness to do the inner work and show up. Through your commitment, you’ll begin creating abundance in every area of your life… all by design.


    Abundance By Design Will Transform Your Life.
    We Guarantee It.

    Your transformation begins on Day 1. And we believe so strongly this will change your life, that you can request a refund for the program up to 10 days after the start date.

    If you don’t feel you’re in the process of transforming your life within the first 10 days of the program starting (by February 8th), you can request a full, no-questions-asked refund.

    Your life is precious and you should have the most abundant life possible. Which is why you deserve nothing but the best transformational experience.

    Secure Your Space in Abundance by Design Now

    It’s rare for anybody to get this much access to Sarah…

    … Especially at this exclusive founding member’s price. While we want to open this opportunity to as many people as we can, we want to create an intimate community so that each and every one of you can get sufficient attention from Sarah, even collectively.

    As a global speaker, best-selling author and a manifesting teacher of almost 10 years, there have been many times that Sarah looked at the idea of providing this guidance through private coaching, as many leaders in the industry have chosen to do.

    Yet every time, she would start to get into it, and ultimately she’d return to the same place and decide that, “You know what? I don't want to do individual coaching. I want to be able to impact a greater number of people.”

    Because if Sarah were even to offer coaching, it simply wouldn’t be affordable at all. And it wouldn’t be where she could serve the most and give the best of her value.

    It just didn’t make sense for her to put that amount of time and work into a single person at a time. That one hour with that one person can instead impact thousands.

    Instead, she’s giving that opportunity to more people to be able to afford direct training and coaching from her through Abundance By Design. You’ll get direct access to her through weekly LIVE group training and coaching calls…. as you go along the six weekly modules on the program.

    So instead of paying thousands of dollars, which is exactly what other leaders in her league would charge for even just an hour… you can access this first of its kind transformational experience to uncover the blueprint to manifesting abundance by design in six weeks… for the one-time founding membership price of $497.

    We start LIVE on Thursday, January 30th… so time is of the essence and the doors could close any minute.

    What You Get When You Enroll in Abundance by Design Today

    • 6x LIVE abundance training calls with Sarah Prout. As she guides you through the powerful core principles to amplify your energy to receive abundance. ($6,000 Value)
    • The entire 6-week Abundance by Design online program. Where you will transform into a highly inspired, emotionally empowered prosperity magnet.
    • The Abundance by Design workbook. To keep you on track and to amplify your manifesting journey ($150 Value)
    • Access to the VIP Abundance by Design online community. Connect and “mastermind” with other Abundance Creators on the program who are manifesting at high-levels of intention and inspired action that you are.
    • Our Exclusive Transform or Refund Guarantee. Don’t feel like you’re well into the process of transforming your life? Simply request a refund by February 1st (within 10 days after the program starts). You’ll receive a full, no-questions-asked refund (Priceless)

    Total Value: $6,150

    The Great News: This is NOT The Price of the Program

    Click “Add to Cart” to Claim Your Space On Abundance By Design Now

    The Enrollment is Now Closed

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      What Industry Leaders Are Saying About Sarah

      “I’m impressed by how far Sarah has come and it is a testament to what she’s talking about, which is what matters to me. Her example serves to remind us that anything is possible when you get your heart and your mind in the right place.”
      — Vishen Lakhiani
      Founder of Mindvalley and New York Times best-selling author of The Code of the Extraordinary Mind
      “Sarah Prout’s approach is refreshing and inspiring.”
      — Marci Shimoff
      #1 New York Times best-selling author of Happy For No Reason and Chicken Soup For The Woman’s Soul
      “Sarah Prout reminds readers how to create courage, connection, greatness, and compassion in their lives.”
      — Lewis Howes
      New York Times best-selling author of The School of Greatness and The Mask of Masculinity
      “Sarah Prout’s words and wisdom (in Dear Universe) give us permission to feel the beautiful spectrum of all emotions in their fullness, and to manifest wellness from a holistic perspective.”

      — Bree Argetsinger
      Founder of The Betty Rocker

      Frequently Asked Questions

      How does Abundance by Design work?

      The program includes weekly live training calls with Sarah Prout as well as mentoring Q&A sessions with both Sarah and her husband, Sean.

      As a bonus, you'll also get the 21-Day Manifesting Sprint and the 21-Day Magnetic Intentions meditation pack.

      This program will be available within a convenient online members center as well as a dedicated and private Facebook group.

      How much time will I need to put aside for this?

      What’s great about Abundance by Design is that you can do it at your own pace.

      While we encourage you to join us during the LIVE calls, you can also catch the replays in your own time.

      We recommend setting aside about 2 hours per week (1 hour for the weekly training and 1 hour for the Q&A session).

      And whenever you can, engage with the community! There is immense value in learning and getting support from others who are on the same journey as you.

      When does the program start and finish?

      Abundance by Design begins on January 30th and ends on March 12th. *This enrollment is now closed.*

      What if I can’t start on the first day or make it to the LIVE sessions — can I still participate?

      Absolutely! While we encourage you to show up live, you can also take this program at your own pace.

      What’s most important is that you feel into it and participate in this journey in the way that feels best to you. All live sessions will be recorded and you can catch the replays at any time 😉

      What Else Will I Experience?

      This is not your standard manifesting program. We are not just scratching the surface of what stands in the way of your biggest potential for prosperity. In order to manifest abundance by design, you WILL need to reshape and re-engineer your entire belief system around abundance. Around money. Around love, success and deservedness.

      You will do some aspect of deep energetic and emotional work, which means that some very uncomfortable feelings will come up for you as soon as you work to eradicate them. Putting it bluntly, the shit that no longer serves you will be the very thing that will sabotage you and resist change and transformation.

      So there will be moments of doubt. Of frustration. Of defeat. Of irritation. And feeling like things are not working after all… even when you’re doing the work. Please know that this is completely normal and it’s a natural part of the process. It’s kinda like going through the shedding of old skin. Or detoxing to get rid of unwanted toxins from your body.

      If you’re not ready to deal with that, if you’re not willing to radically lead yourself and be accountable for your transformation, you may not want to get this course. Abundance By Design is, in a way, a transformational adventure.

      This is why you’re getting this many live calls, coaching, and mentorship from Sarah and Sean. This is why the community and the bonuses you’re getting are critical to the core program.

      So if you feel and believe that this is a program for you, and that you’re willing to invest in yourself as much as we are ready to invest in you… then go ahead, and Enroll Now.

      How Is This Program Different From The Manifesting Academy?

      Abundance By Design features a more intensive experience compared to The Manifesting Academy!

      For starters, you’ll be getting way more access to Sarah in her weekly coaching calls and mentoring calls with Sean. You only get one group call a month with The Manifesting Academy.

      In Abundance By Design, Sarah will apply her unique approach to the law of attraction, which focuses on emotional empowerment. You'll learn how to be conscious of your feelings and energy… so that you can transmute what’s in your heart and your mind to your physical world.

      We also encourage all accepted students to complete the six modules in Abundance By Design together with the bonus 21-Day Manifesting Sprint and 21-Day Magnetic Intentions Meditation Pack.